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It is a known fact that kids are more likely to try new foods if they have grown it themselves. It can be lots of fun and also teaches them about where their food comes from, the joys of nature and the rewards of nurturing something.

You really don’t need to have a large space to grow your own food. You can use methods such as companion planting to maximise space and growing potential. Many vegetables, fruits and herbs will do perfectly fine in pots and window boxes. Herbs and lettuce will do well on sunny windowsills and if you have a conservatory, you will find peppers, tomatoes and aubergines will grow well.

Nor do you need to spend much to grow your own food. Seeds are very cheap and you can also harvest your own seeds from your supermarket fruit, which can be very fun to do with kids and watch their amazement as a new pepper or tomato plant grows!

You can also reuse plastic tubs, yogurt pots and toilet roll holders as seed trays and rather than buying pots, use old vases, pots and pans or perhaps tea cups for your herbs!

So go on, there really is no excuse! If you haven’t tried growing your own food before, give it a try and see how much fun you and your kids could have.

We will soon be sharing information and ideas about how you can put some of the above ideas into practice.

Below you will find simple recipes that you can make with kids using your homegrown produce. We hope you enjoy!

Tasty Tomato Pizza
A super simple and fun Pizza to make with kids. This is an excellent recipe to get creative with, you can simply add different vegetables, herbs and seasoning.
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Raspberry and Coconut Ice Pop
These raspberry and coconut ice pops are perfect for summer and great fun for the kids to make.
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Fruit Crumble
This is so quick and easy to make and cooked in a microwave, making it ideal for the little ones to have a go with!
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Mini Vegetable Quiches
This is an easy, fun recipe to do, allowing the kids to get the rolling pin out!
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Blackberry fairy cakes
Pick blackberries from the hedgerows and bake some tasty cakes – ideal for getting children involved!
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Apple and berry cake
A tasty way to cook those blackberries growing on the hedgerows in late summer. Children can make them too!
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Apple scone
If you or someone you know has lots of apples in early autumn this is a great way of baking a tasty treat. A good recipe for children – but watch those fingers when grating or chopping!
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Christmas pudding
Make Christmas more special by cooking your own Christmas pudding! You could make several small ones to give away as presents. Why not get the children involved too? This is a recipe that our member Ruth has used for over 30 years, so it must be good!
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Gingerbread biscuits
Gingerbread men are usually made but you can choose other cutter shapes for these biscuits. Ideal for children to make and have fun decorating!
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