SEAG joins the Naturehood Project from Earthwatch Europe

The first official Red List for UK mammals was released at the end of July 2020 by the British Mammal Society. It highlights 11 native species from a range of habitats that are at risk of extinction. Some readers may be suprised to read that the hedgehog is amongst those species listed as being at risk of extinction.

This prompted SEAG members to really think whether we could do more to help our wildlife and that is when we found out about Naturehood, a community science research project from Earthwatch Europe, working to reverse wildlife decline and supporting nature to flourish all over the country.

By signing up and using the platform to tell Naturehood about the wildlife you see and the actions you take in your own Naturespace, you will be contributing to their scientific research and helping improve the health of our natural spaces.

Not only that, you can use their resources and activities to take positive action for wildlife in your own Naturespace and become part of a like-minded community helping nature thrive.

SEAG have joined and set Shipley Woodside Community Garden as our Naturespace. We have also created a specific group for Shipley, Derbyshire so as well as joining Naturehood and having access to the national live feed, you can also become part of your local group and share your wildlife pictures, videos, posts, events etc in the area. If there isn’t a group for your local area, you can join your closest or create your own group.

SEAG have already completed the baseline survey for the Community Garden and over time will be completing more of the Naturehood surveys to see how our efforts are helping the wildlife.

Michaela Strachan on Naturehood

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