Useful Websites

Great for Kids Useful resources on all things birds. Has lots of activity ideas to inspire children to get involved. Search for RSPB wildlife explorers’ on their website to find out more. Used by families and schools to encourage children to get active with wildlife. Fun learning activities and games. There are also competitions held through the website and each child can register for a free newsletter. Packed full of useful hints and tips designed to help you attract wildlife into your garden. Kids and wildlife section with suggestions on how to get children involved in the environment. Contains all sorts of interesting facts about the animals roaming our planet, cool animal videos and photos. There are also free to download coloring pages and word searches.

Informative Find out about about the various campaigns such as reducing air pollution, saving the British bee and other important environmental issues and how you can get involved. Learn how to use your spending power to help change the world for the better. Provides information and ratings to more than 40,000 products which give consumers the ability to see how green they are before buying. Find out how they work to protect various natural environments. Whether parks, woods or nature reserves, how you can get involved and national events. A government funded campaign which aims to educate people on how to effectively recycle their waste. You can easily search by area to find out what and where you can recycle specific items. Campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use and providing solutions that help people to live, eat, farm and grow with the resources that are available. UK based company selling a comprehensive range of wildflower seeds as well as pond and marsh plants, climbers, shrubs, ferns and bareroot trees and hedging. Informative website on the work they do to protect the UK’s woodland and how you can get involved. Easily find woods you can visit and activities to do. Aims to radically and positively change the way we live in the UK and actively supports a worldwide movement. They help to educate, network, support and redesign all aspects of our daily lives to transform ourselves, our communities and our landscapes.

Local Organic and natural beauty products. Weleda has been growing plants organically and creating natural health and wellbeing products for almost 100 years. Locally based in Ilkeston. Group in Nottingham, aiming to promote organic and sustainable gardening, and a more localised food culture. You can easily find information on their events and trips with an organic theme. Point of access and source of information for voluntary roles in the Amber Valley area. Point of access and source of information for voluntary roles and community groups in the Erewash area. Ten acres of community-owned land in Melbourne, South Derbyshire designed along permaculture principles. Find out about their events, how to visit and their activities.

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