Shipley Wood Maintenance

Shipley Wood Maintenance - SEAG - Shipley Eco-Action Group

Shipley Wood accessed via Heanor Road is owned by Derbyshire County Council but as Council’s funds are stretched, it isn’t really managed as we would all like it to be.

SEAG are responsible for clearing and maintaining the entrance to the Woods and for helping keep on top of the brambles and ground ivy in the Woods to allow space for the English Bluebells to come through.

Shipley Wood Entrance

For many years the entrance had been completely overgrown and the beautiful old stone wall completely hidden. The area was full of litter and unsightly. So SEAG sought permission from the Council and arranged an event in January 2020 to clear the area. You can find out more about that day here. Volunteers periodically maintain the area and it has now been planted with donated wildlife attracting plants from the allotment of local residents.

Brexit Bluebells

Over the course of four dates in April and May 2019, SEAG members cleared areas of brambles and ground ivy in Shipley North Wood. Huge thanks to all that helped and Gill Taylor who leads this ‘Brexit Bluebells’ project. The long-term plan is to restore the glades of true sweet-smelling English Bluebells to their former glory.

Unfortunately due to the national COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 we missed the opportunity to do this again but we hope to be able to run some volunteering sessions in 2021!

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