Recycling in Erewash

Our Recycling Guide shows what recycling Erewash Borough Council will collect. Why not print and put on your fridge! We will keep this updated as and when we become aware of changes.

You can also enter your postcode into Recycle Now’s Recycling Locator to find out what can be recycled or to check if you can recycle anything not on the Guide.

According to the Council’s website, blue bins and green bags are used for recycling in Erewash. Blue bins need to be purchased but the green bags are free of charge and can also be used for extra recyclable material if you fill your blue bin.

Where does your household waste and recycling go?

Recycling is collected from your kerbside and is processed by the Casepak Material Recycling Facility in Leicester.  You can find out more about their recycling process here.

Erewash diverts all the waste from its household waste collection to a new waste treatment facility in Derby.  When waste is processed, any recyclable items are removed before the non-recyclable elements are converted into refuse derived fuel, which is used to generate electricity.

None of Erewash’s household waste is sent for disposal to landfill. 

Household Waste and Recycling Centre

Erewash has a recycling centre at Ilkeston Household Waste Recycling Centre located on Manners Avenue, Manners Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, DE7 8EF. This is where you can dispose of items you are unable to include in your bins/bags for collection. You can find the full list of what is accepted at the Recycling Centre here.

You should check the Derbyshire County Council website for any specific measures that are in place due to Covid-19.

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